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  • Small Silver Hanukkah Menorah, Menorahs for sale
    Small Silver Hanukkah Menorah, Menorahs for sale

Small Silver Hanukkah Menorah, Menorahs for sale

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This Israeli made hanukkia cast in silver will always look lovely among the rest of your Judaica items, will make your candles shine and is a great gift. From the Novell collection from Palidnox, brighten up your Jewish holiday with this small menorah.

Silver Plated or Pewter 

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Looking for a small Hanukkah menorah? Here’s one that has elegant lines and isn’t too large. Made from silver, the candle stems are designed in connecting “s” shaped vines where those on the left are done in a mirror image. All these come together at the shamash which is in the middle of the hanukkia, all of which floats above two more vines.

The main stem from below the shamash tapers down to the base in a flowing fabric like design reminiscent of a women’s skirt as it twirls while she dances, the bottom of which is engraved to look like intricate needle work on the hem of the skirt. This finishes up with four teardrop feet to complete the effect.

Together this will make such a special Hanukkah gift for the Jewish holiday for anyone who appreciates Israeli Judaica or just to have for your own Hanukkah candles at home. This is also great for young couples just starting out, as it is only 21cm high and 17cm wide, but still holds standard Hanukkah candles. This makes this small silver menorah from Palidnox and their Novell Collection a bright addition to your Hanukkah holiday.

  • Size (cm): 18 x 18
  • Size (Inch): 7 x 7