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  • Square Stand Smooth Finish Sterling Silver Hanukkah Menorah by Hadad
    Square Stand Smooth Finish Sterling Silver Hanukkah Menorah by Hadad

Square Stand Smooth Finish Sterling Silver Hanukkah Menorah by Hadad

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The smooth finish of this Hanukkah Menorah by Hadad will bring a happy Hanukkah to your home. The light of the Chanukkah candles will be reflected in grace and elegance on this Menorah in sterling silver which weighs 785 grams.

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44 Candles

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Deceptively simple, this classically shaped Hanukkah Menorah will bring joy and light to your home, as you celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah candles are lit for the entire eight days of this Jewish festival of lights.  On the first night, one candle is lit.  One more candle is lit each night, until on the last night all eight are lit.  As you progress through the holiday, the light from the candles will be reflected and enhanced on this candelabra which is finished in smooth sterling silver throughout.

The rounded small silver legs serve to hold the smooth square shape of the Menorah's base.  The vertical band of the base curves sharply inward and upward to flow into the smooth column of the menorah.  About halfway up, smooth round silver stems branch up in flowing rounded lines of silver to hold the eight candle cups, shaped like miniature jugs.  These allow you to light your Chanukkah candles with either wax candles, or oil candles and wicks.  It is traditional to ensure that all eight of the candles are lit in one straight row, and indeed this is the way this menorah was designed.  The ninth candle – the "caretaker" or "helper" is used for lighting all the others.  In Hebrew it is called the "Shamash".  The stem for the Shamash extends to the front and above of the other eight candles, and is topped by the same jug shape candle holder.

This silver Hanukkah menorah will make a wonderful gift – either to yourself or your family, or as a treasured wedding gift for a young couple.  Its elegant shape will be a wonderful addition to any Judaica collection.


Weight: 785 g
Height: 57 cm / 22.5 inch

  • Size (cm): 57
  • Size (Inch): 22.5
  • Silver weight: 330 grams