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  • Handmade Crown Tallit, Prayer Shawl
    Handmade Crown Tallit, Prayer Shawl

Handmade Crown Tallit, Prayer Shawl

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This handmade Tallit is professionally woven from fine cotton. The design is the classic. It combines silver, white, and grey stripes of different width. This Prayer Shawl is hand woven of fine cotton in Israel by Jewish craftsmen using traditional looms.

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We notice that in present day hi-tech world, there's too much emphasis is on creating things as rapidly and as cheaply as you possibly can, with little if any human input or spirit.
We have found a weaving studio whose mission is providing Judaica art garments woven and produced manually - for that important place in lives that we share with holiness- in a way that they'll go through care and love they put into every product. We're proud to offer tallitot that help you to both expand and preserve an old, worthy tradition.
The skill of weaving for our craftsmen is really a journey towards the source - that is expression from the living springs of existence. The peaceful and tender designs suggest harmony in the world and in creation's every detail.
Within this spiritual journey, some of our artisans lived in Safed and discovered the skill of weaving. In the work the craftsmen blend traditional Jewish motifs and styles into unique prayer shawl designs, assigning to each creation an elegance and beauty of its own
  • Size (cm): Small: 55 x 190. Large: 115 x 190
  • Size (Inch): Small: 21.6 x 75. Large: 45.3 x 75