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  • Wedding Ketubah - Modern Jerusalem with Initials Logo
    Wedding Ketubah - Modern Jerusalem with Initials Logo

Wedding Ketubah - Modern Jerusalem with Initials Logo

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The buildings of modern day Jerusalem form a backdrop for the celebration your marriage with this lovely ketubah.
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An inseparable part of any Jewish wedding ceremony, the Ketuba is a binding contract on the husband to provide his new wife with everything she needs. Customarily, the Ketubah (written in the traditional Aramaic) is specially decorated and displayed in the couple's home.

Modern-day Jerusalem serves as the motif for this special ketuba. Yellow flowers and pink ribbon wind their way up and around the arched frame, while the famous buildings of the city of Jerusalem sit along the bottom. The text is in the standard rectangular format, in Aramaic, with the Hebrew blessing B'Siman Tov U B'Mazal Tov )With a good sign and good luck) as a title above it.

This ketubah will be further personalized by the creation of a unique logo using the first initial of the bride's and groom's Hebrew names and the new family name. This logo will appear within the blessing on top of the rest of the text.

The full Hebrew names of the bride and groom [kallah & chatan] are inscribed in the proper manner, including the Hebrew names of each of the fathers and each family name in Hebrew. Also personalized is the place the wedding occurs and the date from the Hebrew calendar. These Ketubot have been validated by Israel's Chief Rabbinate.

A customized art Ketubah makes a wonderful wedding gift for a beloved couple, or an anniversary present. The Ketubah is printed on heavy stock matte international size A3 paper. The design is approximately 28 x 28 cm square (11 inch x 11 inch square).