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  • Wedding Ketubah - Old City Street
    Wedding Ketubah - Old City Street

Wedding Ketubah - Old City Street

No Longer Available
Original hand-drawn stone archway in the Old City of Jerusalem makes a beautiful design for your wedding Ketubah
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A decorative Ketubah makes a wonderful wedding gift for any couple! The Ketubah itself is a binding contract on the husband to provide for all of his new bride's needs and is an inseparable part of any Jewish wedding ceremony. It has become customary to make it a work of decorative art for the new couple to display proudly in their home.

The ancient city of Jerusalem is never far from the heart of any Jewish ceremony. Even amid the intense joy of a wedding, the groom breaks a glass to commemorate the destruction of the Temple.

In this hand-drawn art ketubah, simple but elegant lines depict the old stones and alleyways of the old City of Jerusalem. A blessing for the new couple is added on top of the text that reads:

'With the help of G-d Almighty, and with Good Signs and Good Luck'

[B'Ezrat Hashem Yitbarach, B'Siman Tov U B'Mazal Tov]

The names of the bride and groom are offset from the rest of the text for more emphasis.

The ketubah will of course be personalized with the full Hebrew names of the bride and groom [kallah & chatan], inscribed in the proper manner, as well as the Hebrew names of each of the fathers and each family name in Hebrew.

Also personalized is the place the wedding occurs and the date from the Hebrew calendar. These Ketubot have been approved by the Israel's Chief Rabbinate. The Ketubah is printed on heavy stock matte international size A3 paper. The design is approximately 28 x 28 cm square (11 inch x 11 inch square).