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  • Yair Emanuel Medium Velvet Carrying Case for Yemenite Shofar
    Yair Emanuel Medium Velvet Carrying Case for Yemenite Shofar

Medium Shofar Cover, Velvet by Yair Emanuel


Carry a Yemenite kudu horn shofar in this elegant velvet storage bag designed by Yair Emanuel.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 14782
MSRP: $50.05
Sale price: $39.26

This rich velvet shofar carrying case from Judaica designer Yair Emanuel is embroidered on the side with the Hebrew words Halleluhu Beteka Shofar [Praise Him with the blasts of the Horn] and is designed to hold a long, curved Yemenite kudu horn shofar of medium length.

The embroidery is worked in silver thread on a blue velvet background. The carrying bag features shoulder strap and drawstring closure.

Jews of Yemen have traditionally made shofarot from the horn of a kudu (a species of antelope) rather than the more common ram's horn shofar used in other communities. According to Halacha (Jewish law), shofarot cannot be made from the horn of a cow or calf, as that might suggest worship of the Golden Calf, which is forbidden.

Length: 36 inch [90 cm]

'Wake up from your (moral) sleep. You are asleep. Get up from your slumber. You are in a deep sleep. Search for your behavior. Become the best person you can. Remember G-d, the One Who created you.' Mishneh Torah, Laws of Repentance 3:4.

  • Media: Velvet
  • Size (cm): 90 cm
  • Size (Inch): 36 Inch