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  • Yair Emanuel Velvet Rams Horn Shofar Carrying Bag
    Yair Emanuel Velvet Rams Horn Shofar Carrying Bag
  • shofar case
    shofar case

Yair Emanuel Embroidered Ram's Horn, Shofar Cover

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Carry your ram's horn shofar in this elegant velvet storage bag designed by Yair Emanuel.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 14780
MSRP: $24.75
Sale price: $14.95

The eternal city of Jerusalem is depicted in embroidery on the side of this lush velvet shofar cover from Judaica designer Yair Emanuel designed to hold a ram's horn shofar.

The sack, which makes it easier for the ba'al tekiah (shofar blower) to transport the precious item, will also protect the shofar from nicks and scratches.

This bag is available in either cool or warm colors - choose from lush blue velvet or warm crimson red velvet.


More about the Shofar case: a ram's horn shofar will fit comfortably in this soft carrier, which measures 10 x 4 inch (25.5 X 10 cm).

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