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  • Biblical Hebrew Study Book - 1 Year Subscription
    Biblical Hebrew Study Book - 1 Year Subscription

Biblical Hebrew Study Book - 1 Year Subscription


Learn Biblical Hebrew at home with a bi-monthly workbook and CD.

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From the publisher of Bereshit- Beginners Easy Hebrew Magazine and Yanshuf – Intermediate & Advanced Easy Hebrew Magazine, the Biblical Hebrew Study is a new workbook magazine that will help you learn & understand the bible in its original language.+Every other month you receive a Workbook & CD that will review a part of the bible beginning with Genesis following by Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy etc. The CD reads the text slowly and properly for review. This system is developed for people with no previous knowledge, therefore the material is taught in a gradual manner that will help you learn and remember what you learned! The workbook is not only challenging, but enjoyable!+This program can also be utilized for those who have a basic knowledge of Hebrew but want to also learn biblical Hebrew. Teachers can also use this program to augment their other teaching material. Bible lovers can agree that this program will help your progress in learning Biblical Hebrew.+Workbook features:

  • Full translation & transliteration of the tough biblical phrase.
  • English article of interesting words or phrases with the meaning in the original language.
  • Articles about the bible & biblical country.
  • Facts & statistics of the bible.
  • Articles about the mystical meaning of the words.
  • Modern words from the bible.
  • Exercises practicing correct biblical pronunciation of the biblical words.
  • The magazine is published approximately every two months.
  • Subscription - 6 issues
  • The magazine consists of 32 pages, 17.5x12.5 cm.

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  • Size (cm): 35 X 25
  • Size (Inch): 14 X 10