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    Jerusalem Dictionary

Jerusalem Dictionary, Hebrew Learning Software, CD

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English-Hebrew Dictionary, Thesaurus, Spell-Checker, Hebrew Translator, and Verb Conjugator in One easy to use program.

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From the main screen, the power of the product is readily apparent. You can spell-check and translate a word, browse the dictionary, cross-check a translation, view synonyms, antonyms, tense and more. As a standalone program, simply type in a word and its translations appear. The word can be typed in English and have the translation in Hebrew or translate from Hebrew to English. When run in background mode, you highlight a word in your word processor, press the hotkey and the Jerusalem Dictionary window appears with the word already entered into the input box.
When a word is misspelled, a list of close words is presented from which to choose the correctly spelled word. The program will let you know if the word is a noun, adjective, pronoun, etc. or possibly several of them at once. A list of same-language antonyms (opposites) appears, making this program worthwhile even if you don't require the Hebrew.
Languages and use of expression can be a curious thing. An expression used in English cannot be literally translated word for word into another language and mean the same thing. Jerusalem Hebrew Dictionary includes a list of thousands of bilingual expressions.
Besides antonyms and translations, Jerusalem Dictionary provides a list of synonyms in the language of your choice. Click on any of the synonyms the translation and antonym appear automatically.
It is possible to add to Jerusalem Dictionary's already extensive dictionary.
Jerusalem Dictionary conjugates verbs using over 8,000 tables of fully conjugated Hebrew and English verbs. The full list of Hebrew verbs can be displayed and scrolled.
Use this system to help translate websites, business documents, school work and research. Take advantage of this technology to make your communications and correspondence more effective!
Hebrew Software Features

  • Hebrew English Dictionary - with instant look-up
  • Hebrew English Thesaurus
  • Hebrew English Synonyms Dictionary
  • Hebrew English Antonyms Dictionary
  • 8,000 Verb Tables - with instant look-up
  • Hebrew English Auto-Conjugate
  • Hebrew English Phrase & Expression Dictionary
  • Easy text entry from dictionary to Dagesh Pro or Hebrew Word
  • Genre: Dictionaries
  • Media: CD-ROM
  • System Requirements: win 95 and up
  • Age: 12 & up