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  • FREE Hebrew Workbook - Yesh Li Od Safa, I Have Another Language
    FREE Hebrew Workbook - Yesh Li Od Safa, I Have Another Language

FREE Hebrew Workbook - Yesh Li Od Safa, I Have Another Language

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ISRAEL-CATALOG EXCLUSIVE!Workbook use by teachers of Hebrew as a Second Language for children ages 7-10
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Yesh Li Od Safa - I have Another Language, is an integral teaching aid for working with elementary school children - primarily English speaking Olim, for whom Hebrew is their second language.

The authors work with the child's native curiousity to engage and interest him/her in learning the Hebrew language and the Jewish / Israeli culture that uses it. The child joins Yonatan, age 8, his older sister Tami, age 10 and their cat Mikki through the passage of one year as they celebrate the Jewish and Israeli national holidays. The story culminates in a family trip to Israel.

Yesh Li Od Safa is written in easy Hebrew and works from the simple to the more complex grammar lessons through the course of 24 learning units. A teacher's guide is included at the beginning of the workbook.

Each unit contains:

  • Reading selections to advance the story
  • General grammar exercises
  • Reading comprehension exercises
  • Writing exercises
  • Grammar key boxes
  • Unit Dictionary and vocabulary review

The workbook helps teach:

  • Sentence structure: Statements, Commands, Questions, Negative Statements, Comparisons
  • Sentence voice: First person, Third person
  • Descriptive structure: singular, plural, male, female, adverbs, adjective, verb conjugation, time and more
  • 500 word dictionary based on an elementary school childs environment and daily life, including Jewish and Israeli concepts

24 units, 220 pp. Written by Rachel Tokatli & Edna Razi and published by Achiasaf Publishing House Ltd. Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • Author/Artist: Igal Zadka
  • Genre: Adult
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Media: Excercise Book