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  • Hebrew Webcast - Israeli Songs
    Hebrew Webcast - Israeli Songs

Hebrew Webcast - Israeli Songs

No Longer Available

Introductory Prices !!!Learning and enjoying the Israeli musicYou are invited to sign up to this one-time lesson.It was especially developed for English speakers.

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'...I found the lesson enlightening and very useful. I've been studying Hebrew for many years, but with no opportunity to speak the language beyond the classrom...'

Naomi, New York

Webcast info

The goal of this course is to teach students with no background in Modern Hebrew to understand the Israeli music and enjoy their melodies.

iStudyHebrew offers selected popular Israeli songs.

Join our course, sing and enjoy the Israeli music.

Hebrew course features

Duration: 45 minutes

Content: new and fun way to learn Hebrew online.

Where? In an online live, interactive classroom setting.

How to get started

1. Choose the Web cast Date (above pull down Menu)

2. Order a Lesson & Pay with Credit card info

3. Get Course & login info by email.

4. Log in online & participate in Lesson.

For more information: [email protected]

Hebrew Knowledge required:

No Hebrew knowledge is required.