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  • Hebrew At Your Ease - Workbook + 4 audio Cassettes
    Hebrew At Your Ease - Workbook + 4 audio Cassettes

Hebrew At Your Ease - Workbook + 4 audio Cassettes

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This item is no longer available in the Cassette Version. You can order the CD version instead.

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This course is a perfect way to learn the Hebrew language as spoken in Israel. For speakers of: English, German (Hebraisch Leicht Gemact), French (L'Hebreu Est Facile), & Spanish (El Hebrew a Su Alcance)

Includes a book and 4 audio cassettes.

A great tool for learning Hebrew on the go. With Hebrew at Your Ease, you can learn conversational Hebrew while sitting in your car, exercising at the gym or waiting in line at the supermarket. This course is perfect for those who want to learn Hebrew, but do not have the time for a lengthy course. The pupil will start with the basic alphabet, progressing step-by-step to increasingly more complex usage of Hebrew.

Set Includes:

  • Hebrew self-study workbook, Hebrew At Your Ease by Eliezer Trikel
  • Four 60 minute cassettes that can be used independantly or in conjunction with the books for more intensive study
  • While listening to the cassette, a beep sounds whenever active participation of the user is needed

The Hebrew at Your Ease workbook includes:

  • The selected section and exercises to be practised are indicated throught the book with a special symbol
  • Each exericise unit includes a reading practice text, grammar exercises and general language exercises
  • 272 pages includes 10 page glossary of common words

Spanish Translation by: Arie Comey

German & French Translation by: Joseph A. Reif Ph.D.

German description: