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  • Hebrew At Your Ease - Workbook ONLY
    Hebrew At Your Ease - Workbook ONLY

Hebrew At Your Ease - Workbook ONLY


This course is a perfect way for those who want to learn the Hebrew language as spoken in Israel. Available for speakers of : English, German (Hebraisch Leicht Gemact), French (L'Hebreu Est Facile), Spanish(El Hebrew a Su Alcance), Italian (L'ebraico e Facile) & Arabic

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A great tool for learning Hebrew on the go, Hebrew at Your Ease by Eliezer Trikel is a workbook self-study course that is perfect for those who want to learn Hebrew, but do not have the time for a lengthy course. The pupil will start with the basic alphabet, progressing step-by-step to increasingly more complex usage of Hebrew.

The self-study workbook includes:

  • The selected section and exercises to be practised are indicated throught the book with a special symbol
  • Each exericise unit includes a reading practice text, grammar exercises and general language exercises
  • 272 pages includes 10 page glossary of common words

Spanish Translation by: Arie Comey

German, Italian & French Translation by: Joseph A. Reif Ph.D.