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  • Instant Hebrew Lessons on CD for Computer or DVD player
    Instant Hebrew Lessons on CD for Computer or DVD player

Instant Hebrew Lessons on CD for Computer or DVD player

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Viewed with your home computer or DVD player, this one CD contains three easy to use lessons: introduction to the Hebrew letters and vowels; pronounciation; and word building; In about two hours you are reading Hebrew!

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Learn to read Hebrew quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home or office. This DVD contains three easy to use lessons:


  1. introduction to the Hebrew letters and vowels
  2. pronounciation
  3. word building


How does it work?

Proven techniques are used to teach the basic structure of the Hebrew language. The viewer is then taken step by step through each Hebrew letter and vowel. After learning how to pronounce the sound, examples are given to show how the new sound is read with other sounds.


How is this DVD different from other Hebrew courses?

Instant Hebrew focusses on solving the first major hurdle to Hebrew study -- learning how to read. The simple video approach to teaching allows one to learn quickly and easily how to read any Hebrew word, in just 2 hours.


Hardware Requirements:

Instant Hebrew comes on a standard CD which is compatible with the PC, Macintosh and DVD players that support DivX.


About the teacher:

Elana Watson is a Canadian who grew up in Jerusalem, Israel. She is a Hebrew instructor and also an internationally-known singer, recording artist and spokesperson. She has been featured on a wide variety of multimedia productions in Israel and other countries.



  • After just 3 short lessons totaling 2 hours you will be able to:
  • Read modern and Biblical Hebrew
  • Follow Hebrew prayers
  • Impress your rabbi or pastor
  • Teach your children to read and help them with their Hebrew homework




'I have completed the videos and am amazed... what an excellent course! Thank you very much and give thanks to the teacher!' -Matthew T. McCain

' I loved it!! It was clear, easy to follow, easy to hear (a biggie at my age) and totally do-able and that was just the first one! I got out my prayer book and recognized some of the letters already. Thank you so much for an excellent program.' -Norma Elmick