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  • Maskilon Complete Learner’s Kit For the Study of Hebrew, 4 Volume Boxed Set
    Maskilon Complete Learner’s Kit For the Study of Hebrew, 4 Volume Boxed Set

Maskilon Complete Learner’s Kit For the Study of Hebrew, 4 Volume Boxed Set

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This four book series constitutes a comprehensive teaching kit for those venturing into the exciting effort of studying Hebrew. Helps beginners and intermediate learners translate from hebrew to english and also translate from english to hebrew.

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Maskilon I: Dictionary with Verb Roots
Abraham Solomonick & David Morrison
Contains verb roots together with their English translations, Maskilon includes commonly used derivatives that help the Hebrew student reach a deeper and more contextual understanding of Hebrew.
1,640 verb roots, Hardcover 800 pp
Maskilon II: Practical Hebrew Grammar
For beginning and intermediate Hebrew students, this is a straightforward, non-technical guide to grammar that is indispensable for everyday speaking, reading and writing. Complete with useful exercises, vowels and pronunciation.
Hardcover 264 pp
Maskilon III: Hebrew-English Learner's Dicionary
Abraham Solomonick & David Morrison
Contains a list of Hebrew abbreviations and idioms, with their English translations. The grammar table and root descriptions of Hebrew verbs are useful tools for beginning Hebrew and English students.
Hardcover 846 pp
Maskilon IV: English-Hebrew Learner's Dictionary
Abraham Solomonick & David Morrison
Hebrew dictionary Including words that are important during the early stages of learning the Hebrew language, specially presented in a way that connects them to other Hebrew words and reveals their potential from a grammatical point of view.
Hardcover 512 pp
'an indispensable study aid for anyone engaged in the study of Modern Hebrew. These books were written specifically for English Speakers learning Hebrew, and they are suitable for students of all ages. All the Maskilon books are hard-covered, and they are small enough to carry easily to class.'

'Don't let the relative small size of these books fool you - these books are loaded with essential information and details that you will find indispensable during your Hebrew studies. These texts also provide information not often found in introductory Hebrew texts, such as common Hebrew idioms and abbreviations. All four books are well laid out, the text is clear and crisp, and most importantly, the nikud (vowels) are easy to discern.'
'These books can be used by beginning as well as advanced students, and they are 'must haves' for anyone engaged in the study of Modern Hebrew.'

  • Author/Artist: David Morrison & Abraham Solomonick
  • Publisher: Gefen Publishing House
  • Original Release date: 2003
  • Pages: 500
  • Genre: Dictionaries
  • Binding: Hard cover
  • Media: Book