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  • Yanshuf Hebrew Practice Workshop + Magazine Subscription (4 months)
    Yanshuf Hebrew Practice Workshop + Magazine Subscription (4 months)
  • Yanshuf Hebrew Practice Workshop + Magazine Subscription (4 months)
    Yanshuf Hebrew Practice Workshop + Magazine Subscription (4 months)

Yanshuf Hebrew Practice Workshop + Magazine Subscription (4 months)


Improve your Hebrew skills. Practice reading and speaking by discussing articles and stories from the popular Yanshuf Hebrew-learning magazine.An experienced teacher guides you in a live, interactive, online classroom. Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced students INCLUDES a Yanshuf Magazine Subscription (4 months)

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Course Information:

Hebrew Course duration: Ongoing course – join at anytime!Number of lessons: 8Lesson duration: 45 minutesCourse objectives: Practice reading, speaking, comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation+Course enrollment minimum: 4 months followed by monthly payments INCLUDES a Yanshuf Magazine Subscription (4 months)Yanshuf Hebrew Practice Workshop is an Intermediate/Advanced course for those able to read and speak some Hebrew. You will practice Hebrew along with an experienced, bilingual teacher and other students. A Yanshuf subscription is required You will receive the hardcopy magazine at home and benefit from all it has to offer.+iStudyHebrew's Hebrew Practice courses are built upon the popular Yanshuf Hebrew-teaching magazine, used as an education tool by schools, organizations and individuals all over the world.+Key Live Classroom features:· Visual content display – View the magazine and other content

 Audio – Listen and speak with the teacher and students

 Live text chat – Type and view instant chat messages· Lessons recorded and archived – Review lessons at your convenience

Key learning benefits:· Practice reading and speaking+· Improve your pronunciation+· improve your comprehension level

· Receive real-time feedback from a live teacher+· Develop your Hebrew fluency Click here to test your Hebrew level

For more information, visit www.istudyHebrew.com

To contact us by email: [email protected]

For telephone enrollment: [email protected]

Course Procedure

Following your payment, you will receive an Information Kit by email to get you started in your course, including software and login information. You will be downloading e-learning software to your personal computer, which will enable you to interact with a live teacher over the internet in a virtual classroom setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the lessons at specific times?+A: Yes, the lessons are scheduled because they are LIVE, interactive classroom sessions with a teacher and other students.

Q: What if I miss a class or go on vacation?

A: Classes are recorded and archived. You can access a recorded lesson. If another class is available, you can make-up the missed lesson.+Q: Are there any study materials provided with the course?+A: Yanshuf includes a Dictionary with each issue.

Q: Are there any special technical requirements for the Live Classroom?

A: Yes. However, the technology supports most leading Operating Systems and Browsers. For full information brochure, click here+Refund Policy+The course includes two trial lessons. 100% refund after second trial lesson. No refund thereafter.