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  • Quictionary TS Hebrew-English Pen Scanner Translator
    Quictionary TS Hebrew-English Pen Scanner Translator
  • Buy Hebrew-English Pen Scanner Handheld Translator at Israel Catalog
    Buy Hebrew-English Pen Scanner Handheld Translator at Israel Catalog
  • Hebrew-English Quicktionary TS instructiionsrael Catalog
    Hebrew-English Quicktionary TS instructiionsrael Catalog
  • Using Handheld Pen Scanner Translator
    Using Handheld Pen Scanner Translator

Quicktionary TS: Hebrew-English Pen Scanner Handheld Translator

Upgrade to UPS Express 2-3 Business Days, ONLY $9.95

NEW & EXCLUSIVE to Israel-Catalog! World wide premier of hand held OCR pen that scans and simultaneously translates Hebrew words & phrases into English. Also scans English to Hebrew / Russian / Arabic / French.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 13474
MSRP: $269.95
Sale price: $199.95

NEW & EXCLUSIVE TO Israel Catalog
Scan and Translate written Hebrew text to English instantly!


Scan and translate single words or full lines of text in seconds (navigate through the sentence to select words for translation). See the scanned text and its translations together on a split screen display. The user friendly touchscreen shows the scanned text and its translation simultaneously, it's the ultimate tool for those who wish to learn Hebrew. Use the Virtual keyboard and stylus pen to type in any word to see or hear its translation immediately.

Hear the entire line of scanned text, or a selected word, spoken by the built in Text to Speech Technology. In addition to the exclusive Hebrew to English translation, this Quicktionary pen will also translate from English to Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and French instantly.+This exclusive version translates from Hebrew to English with a large built in Hebrew dictionary of words, popular expressions and local idioms, expressly designed with the Israeli tourist in mind!


QuictionaryTS Features:


  • Translation that is more comprehensive than just the most frequently used meaning of the word.
  • Direct look-up of Expressions & idioms
  • Identification & display of inflected words with their corresponding entries.
  • 300,000 words and expressions recognized per dictionary.
  • Last 80 reviewed words saved in History option for easy retrieval.
  • Audio word pronunciation with Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology using built-in speaker or with earphones (available in most products).
  • Recognition of a wide range of printed font types and sizes (6-22 points, up to 8mm), including inverted text on contrasting backgrounds (except red on white, white on red, blue on black and black on blue).
  • Recognition and automatic merging of hyphenated text.
  • Two available display modes: Switch between abridged and complete definition/translation display.
  • Displays up to 5 lines of text on a high resolution touch-screen.
  • Virtual keyboard for manual word insertion or text editing (using the included stylus).
  • Auto-complete function when inserting words using the virtual keyboard.
  • Interactive games for practicing and enhancing vocabulary using reviewed words list (History) or entire dictionary list (not available in all products).
  • Easy to use buttons and straightforward menus.
  • Quick and easy navigation using the included stylus.
  • Supports various user-interface languages.
  • Right/left handed support.
  • Auto shut-off feature to preserve battery life.

Quicktionary Technical Data

Feature Description
CPU ARM7 ASIC, 16 bit, 80 MHz
  • SRAM
  • Flash
  • 64 K x 16 bit
  • 8MB
Display Information
  • Touch Screen Monochromatic FSTN
  • Resolution: 208 x 65
  • Size: 61mm x 20mm / 2.4 inch x.8'
  • Navigation Switch (Enter, Up, Down, Left, Right)
  • Push Button - Power/ESC
Optical Scanner
  • 128 pixels linear array image sensor
  • 400 DPI resolution
Audio Built-in speaker, earphone socket (available with most versions).
Internal Power 2 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline batteries
Current Consumption
  • Idle mode - 42 mA
  • Max. (Peak) - 212 mA
Size (L x W x H) 7 inch x 1.62 inch x 1.3' (177.5 mm x 41.5 mm x 33 mm)
  • 77 grams (2.716 oz.) without batteries
  • 100 grams (3.527 oz.) with batteries
Safety CE, RoHS, UL, FCC class B
Operating Temperature Range 0°C - 40°C