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  • User-friendly English-Hebrew Dictionary Hard Cover
    User-friendly English-Hebrew Dictionary Hard Cover

User-friendly English-Hebrew Dictionary Hard Cover

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New Edition Easy to use dictionary that incorporates 100,000 entries,Including transliteration of the Hebrew words.

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User-friendly Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew Dictionary
in one volume

by Arie Comey & Naomi Tsur

What makes this Hebrew dictionary more user-friendly than its predecessors?

  • There are no sub-entries. All entries are equal of equal status and listed vertically in the same size print. When you look up a single word or a compound, your eye glances down the printed column without having to squint sideways at elusive sub-entries. Words derived from the same root, or different parts of speech constructed from the same stem are listed as independent entries.
  • The dictionary incorporates 100,000 entries that make it easy to translate from Hebrew to English and also do English to Hebrew translations. Actually, in effect many more are included, as each entry appears only once even if it functions as different parts of speech. The Hebrew vocabulary has been carefully selected, and caters for everyday reading and speaking needs. Archaic and very rare words have been omitted.
  • Compounds have been included when the meaning is different from the sum of their components, or when the translation into the second language is by means of a single word.
  • In the English-Hebrew section phrasal verbs are listed as independent entries. This is one of the most productive lexical categories in modern English.
  • There are 1280 pages in the dictionary. Though it cannot be called a pocket dictionary, the single volume format ensures that it is by no means unwieldy.
  • In the Hebrew-English section a user-friendly phonetic transcription is provided for single entries, though not for compounds. Also in this section the verbs are listed according to the third person singular past. Each conjugation is listed in its alphabetical context and not under the Hebrew verb root. This facilitates use of the dictionary for beginners in Hebrew!
  • Each half of the dictionary provides an appendix that summarizes the grammatical systems of the respective languages. Preference is given to American spelling, but British usage is also indicated.



'I just received my new dictionary and it is marvelous! I was looking for a new dictionary, I do very well w/speaking Hebrew but I keep trying to add new words to my vocabulary and this will definitely help! This is my 8th and best dictionary.' ~ Savta G., Israel

  • Author/Artist: Arie Comey & Naomi Tsur