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  • Polyethylene Body Armor Plate
    Polyethylene Body Armor Plate

Polyethylene Ultra-light Plate Level III, Body Armor Plates

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The Polyethylene Plate is an excellent addition to any existing body armor that you may already have.  Produced by Expert Erez, the PE plate will help to enhance level IIIA body armor.

Only 1.6 Kg, Level III

Process Time (business days): 5
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MSRP: $399.00
Sale price: $239.95



Our Polyethylene Armor Plate is among the best in the world.  The Polyethylene Plate not only offers optimal protection from high velocity weaponry, but it also is made to comfortably fit the body with its curved shape.  The Polyethylene Plate can absorb more than one hit and is best used with level IIIA body armor.  The success of the plate comes from the Polyethylene composite laminate from which the plate is made.  This type of material has the ability to withstand multiple points of impact.

Placed in front of bullet proof vest, the ballistic plates can protect a person from a variety of bullets such as the Lead Core and Mild Steel Core (7.62x39 mm), the Nato Ball (7.62x51 mm) and the Lead Core (5.56x45 mm ).


Not only does the Polyethylene Plate increase the level of protection one has from multiple threats, but it comes with a 7 years warranty.  This product is perfect for those in the armed services or in positions requiring protection from weaponry threats.


Made in Israel



Why choose Israel-catalog bullet proof products:
Warranty -  All vests has a 5 Years warranty 
Quality - All bulletproof vests are manufactured under ISO 9000 quality conditions 
NIJ Approved - The vests have been approved by The National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Fast Shipping – Every order is sent via  EMS express delivery
IDF Standards – The vests are manufactured by the Israel Defense Force Standards 
MANY satisfied customers


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Protective Materials: Woven fabrics: Polyethylene


Protecting area: 30 cm x 23 cm
Protection (NIJ 0101.04 Bullet): III (More info?)
Weight: approximately 1.6 kg
Finish Material Textured Nylon/Cordura

Please note, Plates have a minimum availability of 14 days 

  • Size (cm): L – 30 / W - 25 / T – 2.07 + 0.05
  • Size (Inch): L – 11.8 / W - 9.8 / T – 0.81 + 0.019