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  • Lightweight Bullet Proof Jacket Level IIIA
    Lightweight Bullet Proof Jacket Level IIIA
  • Lightweight Bullet Proof Jacket Level IIIA
    Lightweight Bullet Proof Jacket Level IIIA

Lightweight Bullet Proof Jacket Level IIIA

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If you are looking for a discreet concealed vest, then this is one of the best bullet proof jackets for sale.  Not only does it provide excellent protection, but this piece of body armor slips on like a regular jacket.

Trusted by Israeli security forces (IDF Mil-spec).

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MSRP: $999.00
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For many people in the security industry, the key to an effective bullet resistant jacket is the combination of top class protection without attracting too much attention.  For security guards or personnel charged with close-quarter protection who want to go about their business discreetly, this is the body armor for them.


In terms of protection, this bullet proof vest for sale includes Kevlar panels which are designed to help absorb the impact from hand-guns, small arms and shrapnel.  These panels slip into a special suit jacket, which is manufactured from layers of special woven fibers which also help to absorb the impact of an attack.  As a result, this is a bullet resistant vest which will allow you peace of mind, given the high levels of protection that if affords. 


However, there is no need to look as if you are going into battle just because you’re wearing a bullet proof vest.  This model is especially discreet.  Designed as a suit jacket, it slips on perfectly so that those that wear it look no different from any other businessman or official.  Such is the design that this lightweight bullet proof vest is also the ultimate concealed vest.  So, in addition to complying as level IIIA armor, this vest also ensures that your comfort is not restricted in any way.  Given that the Kevlar plates can also be removed or adjusted, you can select the level of protection and comfort most suitable for you.  The choice is yours with this bullet proof vest.


The Jacket is custom made by demand there before is not returnable


Why choose Israel-catalog bullet proof products:
Warranty -  All vests has a 5 Years warranty 
Quality - All bulletproof vests are manufactured under ISO 9000 quality conditions 
NIJ Approved - The vests have been approved by The National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Fast Shipping – Every order is sent via  EMS express delivery
IDF Standards – The vests are manufactured by the Israel Defense Force Standards 


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