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  • SAW Gunner Vest
    SAW Gunner Vest
  • SAW Gunner Vest - Back View
    SAW Gunner Vest - Back View
  • SAW Gunner Vest - Side View
    SAW Gunner Vest - Side View

SAW Gunner Vest


Today's private sector security companies and/or national security forces have to content with enemy fire coming from all directions, including the sky. This multi-compartment vest was designed with the needs of an army gunner in mind with pockets for storage of most required military gear for use with ground to sea or ground to air weaponry. Made from high quality fabrics and quality tested for use by the Israeli army and security units.

Manufactured on demand

Trusted by Israeli security forces (IDF Mil-spec).

Process Time (business days): 14
SKU : 15277
MSRP: $325.45
Sale price: $209.95





This tactical vest is an addition gear to the bullet proof vest and it is designed especially for the needs for Sea to Air weaponry gunner soldiers and their officers. It is tailored for operational requirements for contained combat or open warfare. The vest has been tested for superb quality control and is now in use by some units of Israel's security forces and the Israeli army. It is appropriate for all military personnel and adjusts itself to the height and weight of the fighter.


The easy access front part of the Vest has:

  • 2 pockets to hold to 4 M16 cartridges
  • Small pockets for Cyalum Sticklights
  • Two pockets for medical equipment & first aid kit.
  • 6 pockets for M203 hand granades.
  • Quick release rubber tabs for 6 M203 flare granades.
  • Protected pocket for a commando knife.
  • Rubber strap to hold binoculars or Amar"l (night vision goggles).


In addition, the back of the vest has:

  • A special pocket for communication device (appropriate for military telephone).
  • Compartment for storage of 6 M203 flares.
  • Pocket for drink bag.
  • Secure rubber band for carrying a helmet.


This combat ready tactical vest is constructed from Cordora 600 with pvc coating and sewn with IFCabond 40 thread and has security strips in the front compartments to prevent tearing of the pockets. The Vest has a full year warranty (does not include rips or tears in the Vest).


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