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Zohi-Sdom (This is Sodom) Israeli Movie DVD, 2010

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'Zohi Sdom' is a spin off from the famous Israeli TV show "Eretz Nehederet". The tale goes back to ancient Sodom where all biblical sinners gathered to celbrate sex, gambling, drinking and corruption. Ancient Sodom can still reflect on current socail & political problems in Israel. The movie is fun to watch and will knock you out from the floor. Directed by Danny sanderson & Muli Segev, Starring: Mariano Adelson, Tal Freidman, Asi Cohen, & Dov Navon.

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The Movie 'Zohi Sdom' (also 'This is Sodom') is a spin off from the Famous Israeli Comedy/Satire series "Eretz Nehederet".

Sodom broke all box office records in Israel, selling over 600,000 tickets in theatres!

'Zohi Sdom' tells a story from the birth of the Jewish people, of the last week of the biblical city of Sodom. The Sodom of this film is an Entertainment Mecca, with all the vices & excess that that entails: Gambling, Sex, and dirty dealing pepper the excitement & fun. There is social relevance in this movie, though, showing a "biblical" society that is not far removed from the reality of twenty-first century Israeli Society.


Director: Danny Sanderson & Muli Segev
Starring: Mariano Adelson, Tal Freidman, Asi Cohen, & Dov Navon


DVD Format: PAL

  • Language: English, Hebrew, French
  • Author/Artist: Danny sanderson & Muli Segev
  • Original Release date: 5 August 2010
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Media: DVD, PAL (Euro) System
  • Runtime: 83 minuets