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  • Benzion Netanyahu- His Life and Legacy
    Benzion Netanyahu- His Life and Legacy

Benzion Netanyahu- His Life and Legacy

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"Ben Zion - the life and work of Professor Benzion Netanyahu "  is a Documentary originally screened on Israel Television Channel 1.

 Noted historian Professor Benzion Netanyahu, the father of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoni Netanyahu who was killed during Operation Entebbe and the younger brother Dr. Iddo Netanyahu, recently left this world at the age of 102..
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This new documentary tells his story and vision. He was a Revisionist Zionism scholar, an intellectual, and a world-renowned historian.

Netanyahu talks about the protection of persons accused of the murder of Arlosoroff, the Revisionist movement activities and since its founding by Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Natanyahu was his assistant and right hand right hand. He founded and was the first editor of the journal "Jordan" of the Revisionist movement in the 30s.
After the death of Vladimir Jabotinsky in 1940, he became head Benzion Revisionist movement in the U.S., and devoted himself to his personal quest to affect public opinion. He convinced both the Republican and Democratic parties to declare their support for establishing a Jewish state in the presidential election platform in 1944. .
After returning to Israel in 1949 with a doctorate Natanyahu joined the Hebrew University. He was ostracized for his right-wing views.  Hebrew Encyclopedia which he served as editor in chief until 1962.
Rare footage in the film shows Ben Zion expressing his sorrow at the loss of his eldest son who led the Raid on Entebbe, while showing his pride in his willingness to sacrifice for land and people.
The film shows interviews with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and doctor, author and playwright Dr. Iddo Netanyahu. They describe how their father and how much influence their father is in their lives.  The film is prtrrait of a brilliant man, a Zionist to the core, entrepreneur, and noted teacher.
Rare archival footage reveal the life of this private academic who lived more than a hundred years.
Director and Producer: Moshe Levinson, Profile Productions Ltd.
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2012
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Media: DVD PAL (Euro system)
  • Runtime: 53