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  • The Complete Jewish DVD Set: Pillar of Fire + Tkuma Special offer
    The Complete Jewish DVD Set: Pillar of Fire + Tkuma Special offer

The Complete Jewish DVD Set: Pillar of Fire + Tkuma Special offer (NTSC)

No Longer Available

Two outstanding and highly praised series documenting the drama of the Jewish people.5 DVDs, 13 Episodes(1 hr each)NTSC (USA) system available ONLY

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Pillar of fire

The outstanding and highly praised Channel 1 series documenting the Zionist enterprise from its inception in 1897 to the establishment of the state, against the background of events that led to its development and shaped its character.

Running Time: 19 Hours

'Pillar of Fire is an important event. So far, television documentary at it's best.'

Antony Lerman, The Jewish Chronicle (1986)

'One of the most exciting documentaries created in recent years is Yiga Lossin's Pillar of Fire. It is an excellent production, combining historical material and present day interviews.'

Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem (1986)

'This series seems to me TV history as it ought to be. This is pretty, sober and judicious presentation of a complex and contentious story.'

Paul Johnson, The London Times Educational Supplement (1986)

'Pillar of Fire, which we proudly presented on Channel Four, was one of the greatest achievements in world broadcasting of the last decade.'

Jeremy Isaacs, Chief Executive of Britain's Channel Four Television (1986)

Tkuma - Rebirth

The story of Israel's first fifty years of statehood, TKUMA brings to the screen the tragedies and joyful milestones of Israel's first half century: the ingathering of the exiles as the fledgling state becomes a haven for Jews around the word. Dramatic, personal accounts and documentary footage of the wars fought over five decades, along with rare behind-the-scenes insights into Israel's efforts to make peace.

Who is a Jew? Israel wrestles with its national identity. Israel's economic revolution takes the country from the orange to the computer chip in a few years. The people, the places, the spirit of Israel in its first fifty years

Episode 1: The conflict

Director: Eitan Wetzler

Episode 2: The ingathering

Director: Neta Efrony

Episode 3: The people's

Director: Dennis Zinn

Episode 4: Whose state? Whose religion?

Director: Barry Teff

Episode 5: The economic revolution

Director: Nathan Lifshits

Episode 6: future peace. Next war

Director: Eitan Wetzler

  • Language: english narration
  • Media: DVD, NTSC (USA) System
  • Runtime: 13 Hours