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  • Hebrew Lesson  (Ulpan) 2006 (DVD-R)
    Hebrew Lesson  (Ulpan) 2006 (DVD-R)

Hebrew Lesson (Ulpan) 2006 (DVD-R)


See what it is like to learn in Ulpan! Enjoy these outrages stories of the different people that come to class. English subtitles Can be seen on any DVD players or ANY computer DVD

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Chin, Sasha, Dong-Dong, Marisol and Annabelle met at the Adult Language School. Gathered from different parts of the world in one classroom, they are about to start a new life in Israel.

Director David Ofek follows them for over 6 months in and out of the classroom. The result is a document about struggle to belong, the difficulties of the foreigner and the observation of the 'other' on Israeli society. David Ofek lets his protagonists lead the plot, their gaze, at times funny, at times sad, paints daily reality with irony. But beyond the obvious differences, the human commoon denominator of longing and love, triumphs time and again.

Best Director - Jerusalem 2006 Film Festival

Best Editor - Jerusalem 2006 Film Festival

Screened at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam

Director: Ron Rotem, Ofek David
Photo: Ron Rotem
Music: Idan Einav, Oren Menashe
Screenplay: David Ofek, courageous ministers
Producer: Kowarsky Eleanor, Kowarsky Edna

In Hebrew/English/Chinese/Russian/German/Spanish with English Subtitles

Israel 2006 Documentary/Reality 123 mins

  • Language: Hebrew, English, and Russian
  • Original Release date: 2008
  • Media: DVD-R
  • Runtime: 123 min