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  • land of genesis DVD cover
    land of genesis DVD cover

Land-of-Genesis, Nature Film DVD by Moshe Alpert - Israel 2010


Breathtaking landscape of the wildlife of the Holy land on the big screen filmed by Award-winning nature photographer Moshe Alpert.

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Award-winning nature photographer Moshe Alpert is the director of this unprecedented 18 year project. For this unique Israeli Nature film, he photographs and documents the lifecycle of animals in habitats throughout Israel.

The result is a film full of breathtaking landscape of the wildlife of the Holy land on the big screen. The film takes us on a journey the length and breadth of Israel. Israel is at the nexus of three continents encompassing no less then five different climatic zones.

The story focuses on three mammals living in different geographical areas, and follows them through the four seasons. Each of the animals - wolves of the Golan Heights, ​​Galilee area Wildcats and The Ibex that inhabit the Dead Sea cliffs – delivers a personal story of their activities throughout the year: Mating, Breeding, and raising their offspring are the highlights. For wildlife, there is no right and wrong, just an endless struggle for existence. This film delivers a story of real life full of exciting moments of drama that will captivate and involve every viewer.

Music composed by Uri Ophir and performed the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra musicians and songs written and performed Achinoam Nini add a new dimension creating a unique film experience.

Moshe Alpert's spectacular nature photography and his deep involvement with his subjects  have come together to create one of the most involving portraits of nature to reach the cinema.

  • Language: Hebrew, English
  • Genre: Nature, Documentary
  • Media: DVD
  • System Requirements: PAL DVD FOrmat