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  • Special Places in Israel 3 DVD Bundle
    Special Places in Israel 3 DVD Bundle

Special Places in Israel 3 DVD Bundle

Special Bundle Item

Explore 3 very special places in Israel - LAKE KINERRET - JERUSALEM & MAGICAL MASADA! Each DVD covers a different special place in the Holy land each with stunning detail on its amazing history. 3 DVD bundle/setCan be seen on any DVD players or ANY computer DVD

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Jerusalem of Gold (3000 years of history) -a city of many sights, city of thousands of years, a holy sight to three religions. City of many names and city of wonderful colors and smells. Amongst all the names given to Jerusalem, there is none as fitting as Jerusalem of Gold.

In this DVD you will experience:

Absaloms monument, El Aqsa Mosque, Bene Hezir tomb, Basilica of the Agony, Mt. of olives, Mt. Zion, Church of the holy Sepulchre, Monastery of the cross, Davids tomb, Davids tower, Dome of the rock, gates of the old city, Hakhal Shelomo, Israel museum, the Knesset, Mishkenot Shai ananim, Yemin Moshe, Church of all Nationa, Church of st. Mary Magdalene, Church of the Dormition, Holyland hotel model, pool of Siloam, Via Dolorosa, walls of old city, Western Wall, Yad Washem, Jewish Quarter, Moslem Quarter, Christian Quarter, Armenian Quarter.

Lake Kinerret in the northern Jordan Valley known as the Sea of Galilee, and is associated with the miracles of Jesus. It has been called by many names including the Sea of Galilee, Sea of Tiberias, and Sea of Ginnesar

In this DVD you will experience:
En Gev, Tabagha, Mt. of Beatitudes, Tiberias, The church of st. Peter, Maimonides Tomb, Arbel, Valley of Ginnosar, Valley of Bet Zayda, Golan Heights, Yardenit,

Jordan Valley, Jordan River.

Masada.. An exciting journey through all of the wonders of the Judean Desert.

In this DVD you will experience: Desert Wilderness, Mysterious Dead Sea, The majestic mountain, Fortress of Masada, The beautiful Ein Gedi oasis to the place where a Bedouin Sheppard located a cave with the Dead Sea Scrolls. Share the history of the bible while walking in the footsteps of Prophets and Kings..

  • Language: English / Hebrew