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  • A Tale of a Wolf (Yellelat Hazeevim) 2013, Israeli Documentary
    A Tale of a Wolf (Yellelat Hazeevim) 2013, Israeli Documentary

A Tale of a Wolf (Yellelat Hazeevim) 2013, Israeli Documentary

A heart-touching movie about nature and life and the animal kingdom, 'A Tale of a Wolf' by Moshe Alpert is full of gorgeous scenery and the beauty that comes with nature, as well as a compelling storyline. A must see.
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The very first Israeli movie of its type, 'A Tale of a Wolf' is an artistic masterpiece of Israeli cinema and a pleasure to see as well as a genius, genuine and heart-touching tale. This one of a kind film is a nature movie with a plot. Moshe Alpert, one of Israel's leading nature photographers, spent twenty odd years filming the wolves and keeping up with them in order to bring you this amazing movie, and it really is a must see! 
This Israeli film follows the life of a wolf, from adorable puppy-hood through the learning stage and eventually to adulthood, all the while learning new things, meeting new animals, having lots of adventures as well as struggles and difficulties to overcome. Tough weather and predators threaten the wolf's well being, and we follow along with him through it all, learning and feeling everything together with the wolf..
The music and voice acting are amazingly chosen and fit in with the video and the spirit conveyed by the movie is of the land of Israel itself, filled with nature and life and beauty. A perfect film for any age, and a movie all of the family should see.
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2013
  • Genre: Documentry
  • Media: DVD Pal (Euro) System
  • Runtime: 78 min