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  • The Flat (Hadira) 2013 , Israeli Movie
    The Flat (Hadira) 2013 , Israeli Movie

The Flat (Hadira) 2013 , Israeli Movie


With the release of "The Flat" Arnon Goldfinger brings to the screen a Family History as riveting and fascinating as any ever told and it is completely true. This film has been showered with well deserved praise and awards. It is one Israeli film that you should not miss this year. 

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Awards: Winner, Best Editing award, Tribeca, 2012;
Winner, Best Documentary, Israel Academy Award, 2011;
Winner, Best Documentary Director, Jerusalem Film Festival, 2011
Arnon Goldfinger is an Israeli screenwriter and director of documentaries. His first full length film "The Komediant" was released in 1999. It is a Biopic/documentary on the Burstein/Burstyn family, who were Yiddish vaudevillians and was Documentary of the year in 2000.
Now with his most personal film yet, the Flat (HaDirah in Hebrew) he brings to the4 screen another masterwork in the documentary form.
The flat of the title is in a Tel Aviv Bauhaus building  and  is where the Goldfinger's grandparents lived ever since aliya to eretz Israel (then called Palestine) from Germany in the thirties. If not for the Mediteraenian view from the arartment windows, the flat might have been in pre-war Berlin. As the film begins, we are told that his Grandmother has passed on and the family is charged with emptying the flat. What develops is an  adventure that involves unexpected intrigues, a friendships crossing enemy lines, Secrets should remain untold, and long repressed family emotions. 
Director: Arnon Goldfinger
  • Language: Hebrew, German , Subtitles : English , French
  • Original Release date: 2011
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Media: DVD PAL (Euro system)
  • Runtime: 97 min