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  • Tour Israel COMPLETE DVD Bundle (NTSC and PAL)
    Tour Israel COMPLETE DVD Bundle (NTSC and PAL)

Tour Israel Complete DVD Bundle

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Join a guided tour of the Holy Land that takes you through the most beautiful and meaningful spots in Israel by land [Israel Ancient roots - Modern Miracle] and air[Israel Aerial Odyssey]. 2 DVD set, 90 MINUTES

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DVD #1: Israel Ancient roots - Modern Miracle

Join Shalom Pollack, veteran Israel tour guide for an entertaining and passionate journey through the most beautiful and meaningful spots of this unique land. Learn the Biblical significance, history and current developments of Jerusalem, Hebron, Gush Etzion, Masada and the Dead Sea. Understand what makes the modern State of Israel a true Miracle. Learn about the battles and conquests that helped shape a nation as well the obstacles and enemies that nearly put an end to Israel's existance. Makes a great gift for anyone that loves the Land of Israel or wants to learn more about it.

DVD #2: Israel Aerial Odyssey

Join us on an aerial journey that brings the story of the Holy Land to life. Get a breathtaking new perspective on its past, as well as on its future in the making. Stunning aerial photography uncovers the vast diversity to be found in Israel's landscapes, history and archaeology. Hear the stories of people, religions and cultures that passed through the land, fought over it, lived in it, and prayed for it.
So come with us on a unique rendezvous with the people, colors and shapes that make up the diverse mosaic that is modern Israel. This one-of-a-kind video creation conveys the experience of soaring through Israel's sky, giving you an exciting new view of this fascinating, old-new land.

  • Language: English