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  • Wildlife in Israel - DVD
    Wildlife in Israel - DVD

Wildlife in Israel - DVD

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This film focuses on the mammals of Israel.
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The Land of Israel, the Holy Land, a small country with a great variety of landscapes, changing dramatically before your very eyes: from the snowy peaks of Mt. Hermon to the abundant streams and waterfalls of the verdant Golan Heights, from the rolling hills of the upper Galilee to the fertile Lower Galilee valleys, from the scorching Jordan Valley, bisected by the Jordan River, to the rocky hills of Samaria, from the wooded hills of Jerusalem to the arid Judean desert, with its primeval landscape, dotted with enchanting oases like Ein Fashha and Ein Gedi at the shores of the Dead Sea, from the wilderness of the Arava and the Negev to the gulf of Eilat and the Red Sea. One country with so many different landscapes, each one a habitat for the marvelous animal kingdom of the Land of Israel. Some of the animals mentioned in the Bible were on the verge of extinction and can now be seen only at zoos and nature reserves. Others are in temporary captivity and will soon be released into their natural surroundings. Still others have survived in the wild for thousands of years, constituting an inseparable part of the landscape.

In this video cassette you will experience a meeting with:

Wildcat, Caracal, Jungle cat, Sand cat, Leopard, Egyptian Mongoose, Striped Hyena, Wolf, Fox, Fennec, Cnaani Dog, Syrian Brown Bear, Mountain Gazelle, Nubian Ibex, Arabian Oryx, Addax, Wild Cyprus Sheep, Black Goat, Mesopotamian Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, Camel, Onager, Wild Ass and Donkey.