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  • Birds in Neutral
    Birds in Neutral

Birds in Neutral (Tziporim B'nyutral) 1996 - Israeli Movie DVD


Filmed in the 90s, this Israeli film tells the story of the young people living in a hippie neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Arik and Dana are leaving Israel in pursuit of their big dreams in New York .

Hebrew dialog with Hebrew and English subtitles on a PAL format DVD

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The Israeli film Bziporim B'nyutralwas filmed in the 90s and has become a cult film. The movie features some of the best known names in Israeli entertainment and media industry: Israeli singer Dana Berger, singer and actor Maor Cohen, the very popular actress and screenwriter Dana Modan, and other known personalities.

This original Israeli movie essentially depicts the lives of young people in Israel and their pursuit of love and careers.

The film takes place in Florentine, a poor neighborhood in Tel Aviv that has become the home of a diverse and eclectic population - students, hippies, artists and foreign workers. The main character, Arik, is a mediocre singer whose gorgeous girlfriend breaks up with him. Dana is an aspiring street artist who is fighting with bureaucracy. Dana and Arik separately leave Florentine to the Big Apple, hoping to fulfill their dreams. In New York they discover that chasing big dreams is not such an easy task. Arik sells candles on the street to make a living while Dana works as a stripper.

Their ways are crossed by coincidence in New York where they soon get into trouble...

Rich with colorful characters, this Israeli film does justice to the true image of the young and cynical Tel Aviv generation in the 90s. It transports the viewer to the time and place that have a very particular meaning in the Israeli urban sub-culture. Filmed as an absurd comedy, this Israeli movie is both youthful and fun. A major bonus of this film is the soundtrack. It is filled with refreshing sounds and local artists to be mindful of.


Directors:Galit Eshkol, Eyal Shiray
Writers:Galit Eshkol, Eyal Shiray
Stars:Dana Berger, Tsaki Bochlin and Maor Cohen

Dana Berger     Dana Berger         
Tsaki Bochlin     Tsaki Bochlin         
Maor Cohen     Maor Cohen         
Assi Levy     Assi Levy         
Dana Modan     Dana Modan
Karin Ophir     Karin Ophir         
Eyal Shiray     Eyal Shiray         
Doron Tsabari     Doron Tsabari


  • Language: Hebrew
  • Original Release date: 1996
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Media: DVD
  • Runtime: 89 min