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  • Israeli Army Bands. The Songs and Stories
    Israeli Army Bands. The Songs and Stories

Israeli Army Bands. The Songs and Stories

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The songs and the stories of the Military Bands1 DVD plus 2 CD set of 77 songs.


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The songs and the stories of the Military Bands, that include within them the story of the State of Israel; from 'Laila Rishon Bli Ima' ('First Night Without Mother) to 'Hu Lo Yada Et Shma' ('He Didn’t Know Her Name') and from 'Shiro Shel Zanchan' ('The Paratrooper’s Song') to 'Balayla Al Hadeshe' ('A Night on the Grass'), each passes before us as memorials of our life here: laughter and tears, holiday and workday, man and land, experiences … and love.+This and more: The best of Israeli actors, musicians, entertainers and, of course, singers passed through the unique environment of the Military Bands, and there is no better proof of the bands' significance and value.+A special 3 DVD/CD set, including more than 70 songs and the little stories behind them, together with rare original archive footage.+The songs and the moments we associate with them since we've been living in our land - now in a special DVD edition.+DVD 1:A movie of the stories behind the songs. Special Features: The Comedy Program of TV’s Channel 1 visits the Military Bands:

  1. 'Hamutz Hamutz'- the cast of 'Lul': Uri Zohar, Tikki Dayan, Arik Einstein, Moshe Ish Casit and more.
  2. The 'Pikud Rosh' Band - the cast of 'Nikui Rosh' ('Brainwashing': Tuvia Tzafir, Dovi Gal, Aliza Rosen, Rivka Michaeli, Seffi Rivlin, and more.
  3. 'Hora Hatnachalut' ('The Settlement Hora') with the cast of 'Nikui Rosh' ('Brainwashing').
  4. 'The Chronicles of the Military Bands' with the cast of 'Mazash' ('Saturday Night'): Dafna Armani, Eli Yatzpan, Seffi Rivlin, Yael Amit, Dov Raizer, and Eddie Topol.

CD 2:

1. Shir Ha Reut. Lehakat Hanahal2. Mahrozet Shirei Palmach. Lehakat Hanahal3. Dina Barzilai. Lehakat Hanahal4. Kita Almonit. Hayim Topol & Lehakat Zahal5. Hu Lo Yada Et Shma. Gabi Amrani6. Totchim Bemakom Garbayim. Zafir Goldblat, Amrani & Lahakot Zahal 787. E Yareah. Lehakat Hanahal8. Hore Haahzot. Lehakat Kaveret9. Hamsinim Bamishlat. Eli Gurlizki10. Biglal Masmer. Lolik & Lehakat Pikud Hazafon11. Arba Ahrei Hazaharayim. Lehakat Hanahal12. Od Lo Ahalnu Shum Davar. Lehakat Hanahal13. Mahboyim. Lehakat Hanahal14. Ahad Holmani. Lehakat Hanahal15. Hu Lo Kol Kach Hacham. Lehakat Hanahal16. Kineret. Lehakat Zahal17. Laila Rishon Bli Ima. Zevet Havai Sadnai Hashrion18. Geshem Bo. Lehakat Hanahal19. Eshnan Banot. Lehakat Hanahal20. Hayiti Naar. Lehakat Hanahal21. Basimla Aduma. Lehakat Hanahal22. Shalva. Lehakat Hanahal23. Hahayim Hayafim. Lehakat Hanahal24. Bahaahazot Hanahal Basinai. Lehakat Hanahal25. Karnaval Banahal. Lehakat Hanahal26. Laila Badarom. Zevet Havai Sadnai Hashrion27. Yidisha Piratan. Lehakat Hel Hayam28. Kshe Ahie Gadol. Lehakat Hel Hayam29. Hamalach Sheli. Lehakat Hel Hayam30. Rak Be Israel. Lehakat Hel Hayam31. Prachim Bakane. Lehakat Tatutchanim32. Shiro Shel Zanhan. Lehakat Pikud Hamerkaz33. Shir Leshalom. Miri Aloni & Lehakat Zahal34. Ani Met. Lehakat Pikud Hadarom35. Haprota Vehayareah. Lehakat Hanahal36. Shabbat Bazahorayim. Lehakat Hel Hayam37. 12 Ton. Lehakat Hanahal 195938. Charli Chaplin. Lehakat Pikud Hamerkaz

CD 3:

1. Leeilat. Lehakat Pikud Hadarom2. Haben Yakir Li Efrayim. Lehakat Hanahal 3. Matok Matok. Lehakat Pikud Hazafon4. Hofim. Zevet Havai Shel Nahal5. Medarom Tiftach Hatova. Lehakat Pikud Hadarom6. Shivhei Maoz. Lehakat Pikud Hadarom7. Basayeret Shaked. Lehakat Pikud Hadarom8. Eretz Israel Yafa. Lehakat Pikud Hadarom9. Anahnu Mioto Hakfar. Lehakat Pikud Hamerkaz10. Maevarech. Lehakat Hel Hayam11. Givat Hatahmoshet. Lehakat Pikud Hamerkaz12. Pashut Shrioner. Lehakat Zahal13. Ei Sham BeBaka. Zevet Havei Pikud Hamerkaz14. Hasaka. Lehakat Hel Hayam15. Bo Leyam. Lehakat Hel Hayam16. Al Im Haderech. Lehakat Hel Hayam17. Batoch. Lehakat Hel Haavir18. Baeretz Ahavati Hashaked Poreah. Zavet Havei Zanhanim19. Im Telech Akshav. Raviit Hazemer shel Hel Haavir20. Baleilot Hakaitz Hahamim. Meli Bronstein & Lehakat Hatothanim21. Hayom Hayom. Dorit Reuveni & Lehakat Pikud Hamerkaz22. Mesaviv Lemedora. Lehakat Pikud Hamerkaz23. Shomer Hahomot. Zevet Havei Pikud Hamerkaz24. Balaila Al Hadeshe. Havurat Hazemer Shel Pikud Hazafon25. Kad Hakemach. Lehakat Pikud Hazafon26. Ei Leil. Lehakat Pikud Hamerkaz27. At Einecha Sa Mizracha. Lehakat Pikud Hamerkaz28. Drishat Shalom. Yardena Arazi & Lehakat Hanahal29. Sarit Hasfarit. Lehakat Hanahal30. Nagan Akordeon. Lehakat Pikud Hamerkaz31. Banayich Merahok. Lehakat Pikud Hazafon32. Kum VeHitchalech Baaretz. Lehakat Pikud Hazafon33. Yona Im Ala Shel Zayit. Lehakat Pikud Hadarom34. Hayeladim Shel Horef 73. Lehakat Heil Hinuch Meuchad35. Mahrozet Shirei Lehakot Zvayot. Lehakat Zahal36. Amaliya Berkovitch. Natan Datner & Natan Natanzon37. Maavar Hazit. Barak Galil & Ofer Shafrir38. Kafaf. Lehakat Hanahal39. Hasipur Al Hayeladim Hatovim Veharayim. Tiki Dayan

  • Language: Hebrew - NO English Subtitles