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  • Hebrew Karaoke - Our Purim (Purim Shelanu)  - DVD
    Hebrew Karaoke - Our Purim (Purim Shelanu)  - DVD

Hebrew Karaoke - I am Purim (Ani Purim) - DVD

No Longer Available

Here is what you've been waiting for! Karaoke in HEBREW! Now you can sing along with all of your favorite Israeli Hebrew songs for hours and hours of fun, for you, and your family and friends.

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MSRP: $29.95
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1) Ani Purim

2) Chag Purim

3) Yom Tov Shenu

4) Leytzan Katan Nechmad

5) Mischak Purim

6) Shoshanat Yaakov

7) Shir HaMasechot

8) Meshenichnas Adar

9) Sasson V'Yakar

10) Ten Kataf

11) Machzorat Purim B'Signon Beiti

a.  Yom Tov Shenu

b.  Shoshanat Yakkov 

c.  Ten Kataf

12)  Machoret Purim B’Signon Yam Tichoni

a.  Shoshanat Yakkov

b.  Sasson V’Yikar

c.  Meshneschanas Adar

13)  Machrozet Purim B’Signon Rock

a.  Mischack Purim

b.  Shir HaMasachot

c.  Sasson V’Yakar

  • Language: Hebrew
  • Genre: Karaoke
  • Media: PAL (EUR) DVD
  • Number of songs: 15