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  • Actors (Sahkanim) 1995 DVD-Israeli Movie
    Actors (Sahkanim) 1995 DVD-Israeli Movie

Actors (Sahkanim) 1995 DVD-Israeli Movie


Tel Aviv, a side of the city you may never have seen or experienced before.

Hebrew with English & French Subtitles. 

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You may or may not have seen Tel Aviv, Israel, you may or may not be in showbiz or theater, but the actors will smoothly and flawlessly show you the highs and lows of being actors and actresses in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, in the side of the town where not everyone has witnessed. Many funny sequences follow, but the director surely knows how to keep the balance. Especially the last scene is breathtaking with the scenery, the lines and the tension rising slowly, but safely to threaten your own life codes. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Directed by Ron Ninio

Writing credits Hillel Mittelpunkt


Ayala Asherov.... Ahuva

Tali Atzmon.... Rona

Aki Avni.... Shai

Orly Ben-Garti.... Rachel

Shirli Deshe

Yael Hadar.... Eva

Rami Heuberger.... Noam

Yoav Hite.... Yoav

Nevo Kimchi.... Gabi

Shmuel Segal.... Shpigel

  • Language: Hebrew, English & French Subtitles
  • Media: NTSC (USA) DVD