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  • Bethlehem 2013, Israeli Movie
    Bethlehem 2013, Israeli Movie

Bethlehem 2013, Israeli Movie

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Won Venice Film Festival award - Best Film 

"Bethlehem" explores the complex relationships that exist between Israeli agents and their Palestinian informants. These are the main defense from terrorism shuttling between conflicting points of view, the films portrays characters in a realistic light.
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Won Venice Film Festival award - Best Film 
Won Awards of the Israeli Film Academy 2013
Best Film
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Supporting Actor
Best Casting 
Best Editing
Bethlehem is a gritty, sometimes violent film about the relationship between a Secret Service agent in Israel and his young Palestinian informant. This boy is in the unique position of being the teenage, younger brother of an Al Aksa Brigade leader. The story examines the unlikely bond between Razi, the Israeli secret service man, and his informant Sanfur.
Razi recruited Sanfur at the age of 15, and developed a close, Father like relationship with him. At 17, Sanfur tries to stand between Razi’s ever more difficult demands and his family  loyalty., He becomes disenchanted with living a double life. He begins lying to both sides of the conflict.
When the Shabak service finds that Sanfur is more active in his brother’s terror cell then he admitted Razi is faced with a dilemma.
The screenplay was co-written by Yuval Adler and Ali Waked, an Arab journalist who spent years in the West Bank, and based on years of research. BETHLEHEM gives an unparalleled, authentic portrait of the complex reality behind the news.
Director: Yuval Adler
Writers: Yuval Adler, Ali Wakad
Tsahi Halev - Razi
Shadi Mar'i - Sanfur
Hitham Omari - Badawi
Michal Shtamler - Einat
Tarik Kopty - Abu Ibrahim
George Iskandar - Nasser
Hisham Suliman - Ibrahim
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitle
  • Original Release date: 2013
  • Genre: Drama, Way & Millitary
  • Media: DVD Pal (Euro) System
  • Runtime: 99 min