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  • Dr. Pomerantz 2012, Israeli Movie
    Dr. Pomerantz 2012, Israeli Movie

Dr. Pomerantz 2012, Israeli Movie

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In this cynical yet somehow funny black comedy, Doctor Yoel Pomerantz is a self-loathing, disappointed psychologist.  He  lives on the 12th floor in his building with his Asperger aflicted son, Yoav. Yoav spends his time  pretending to be a parking reader giving out parking tickets.
Dr. Pomerantz has few patients, barely enough to feed  Yoav and himself as well as taking shifts at a suicide hotline. When he becomes  desperate about money, He convinces hotline callers to see him privately. When he is discovered, he is fired.
But the former hotline patients that he has recruited keep coming. Simce these paitents are still suicidal  they  begin offering Pomerantz cash to jump off  of his 16 floor balcony to their deaths. One is jumper is followed by her niece, who comes looking for her aunt. Pomerantz has already to end it all himself by jumping over his unethical behavior in allowing patients to jump formoney. His son recognizes her pain and prevents her jumping .
Director: Assi Dayan
Writer: Assi Dayan
Gavri Banai - Himself
Shlomo Bar-Shavit - Vladek Nusbaum
Shmil Ben Ari - Yossi Sherman
Yosef Carmon - Zvi Shtark
Assi Dayan - Dr. Yoel Pomerantz
Jenya Dodina - Dr. Nathali Gurevich
Lucy Dubinchik - Efrat Zimmer
Tzufit Grant - Bracha Nachmias
Michael Hanegbi - Yoav Pomerantz
Oshik Levi - Policeman
Rivka Michaeli - Rebeca Zimmer
Einat Maayan Segal - Rachel
Shlomo Vishinsky - Izhak Bar-Ner
Anat Waxman - Woman on the phone
  • Language: Hebrew, English subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2012
  • Media: DVD PAL (Euro) System
  • Runtime: 88 min