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  • Session DVD cover
    Session DVD cover

Session, Movie with Bar Rafaeli, USA 2011

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Israeli Super model, Bar Rafaeli staring in this psychological suspense directed by Haim Bouzaglo  and tells the story of a psycho-therapist that develops obsession with his patients. USA 2011.

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A bored psychiatrist occupies his time between therapeutic sessions and a love affair with his assistant, divorced +2 that provides him a substitution to the family life he lacks. His everyday routine is disturbed after he meets a new waitress that works in his favorite Sushi bar.


The woman thrills him and bit by bit he realizes he is very passionate about her. After several tries to capture her attention he crosses the doctor-patient line and invites her to participate in a free of charge thrapy treatment on his expense. The sessions are very intense and emotional and the psychiatrist reveals an outstanding secret about his patient…


  • Director: Haim Bouzaglo
  • Writers: Haim Bouzaglo, Owen Shapiro
  • Stars: Bar Refaeli, Tom Bower & Gillian Buick 
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: NMC
  • Original Release date: 2011
  • Genre: Drama, suspense, thriller
  • Media: PAL (EUR) DVD
  • Runtime: 89 minuets