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  • The Golden Pomegranate (Rimon Hazaha) 2010 Israeli Movie
    The Golden Pomegranate (Rimon Hazaha) 2010 Israeli Movie

The Golden Pomegranate (Rimon Hazahav) 2010 Israeli Movie


The Golden Pomegranate is the story of one woman, Mazal, who spent her childhood in Sana'a, Yemen, then at the age of 14 makes Aliya to Israel, to be  independent in  Jerusalem. It is also the epic story of arrival of the first pioneers - the Jews of Yemen.

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Israeli singer of Yemenite origin (Noa), comes to Jerusalem to rehearse  for the big show that will be held that evening. Beside of the stage, she notices an old man watching her with enchantment in his eyes. His presence intrigues her and she starts a conversation with him. in the  ensuing story he reveals to her the life of Mazal (Hadar Ozeri, Galit Giat, and Bar-Or), her great grandmother whom she never knew. Mazal was the child of a wealthy Jewish family in Yemen, specializing in jewelry. In the late 18th century, when she was 14, she married Ezra (Ofir Nahari), an apprentice jeweler, She leaves her family alone with a small delegation from the religious community in which she grew up. The road to Jerusalem is a difficult one and they find that Jerusalem does not welcome this little Yemenite community with open arms. Poverty and neglect, hostile Arab neighbors and the dominant Ashkenazi community, make life for Mazal and Ezra a  daily challenge. 
Director: Dan Turgeman
Writers: Robert M. Bleiweiss (screenplay), Dan Turgeman (screenplay)
Rinat Abulafia -Elder Sarah
Aviv Alush - Mature Shalom
Ellen Anreder - Nurse Michal
Mati Atlas - Matti
Joanna Bayless - Sister Gray
Daniel Brusovani - Frantz
Reef Cohen - Miriam 'Granddaughter
Michael Cytrin - Shlomo 
Said Dasuki - Beaten Boy
Maayan Eliasi- Moslem Woman
  • Language: English, Hebrew & French Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2010
  • Genre: Drama
  • Media: DVD PaL (Euro system)
  • Runtime: 104 min