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  • Dubi Gal 3 DVD Box
    Dubi Gal 3 DVD Box

Dubi Gal 3 DVD Box

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Limited Edition Gift Set with the best of his movies:1. Women, Women, Women 2. Magic Samson 3. Leave My Wife Alone Hebrew, English subtitles. PAL(Euro) system ONLY
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1. Women, Women, Women (Messagest Hatzameret) 1981, 92 min

A masseur has very capable 'electrical' hands for the women who come to him. He begins to take a special interest in three of his clients to whom he offers treatment in a more intimate setting, his mother in-law's apartment. A series of misunderstandings, intrigues and some wrong timings lead him to be falsely accused of rape. He goes to jail but still awaits a happy end.

2. Magic Samson (Melech Hasalim ) 1988, 90 min

3. Leave My Wife Alone (Doar Tz'vaee Hof Eilat ) 1989, 87 min