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  • Eli & Ben 2008 - Israeli Movie
    Eli & Ben 2008 - Israeli Movie

Eli & Ben 2008 - Israeli Movie

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This is an incredibly clever and touching Israeli movie.  Eli and Ben focuses on the relationship between father and son, which appears idyllic until the father Eli is accused of bribery.  Suddenly Ben’s perception of his perfect father is challenged.

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This has the potential to become a classic Israeli film.  At first glance, it appears to be a pre-teen sitcom, but quickly becomes a very serious tale which tackles tough and complicated emotions.


Brilliantly directed by Ori Ravid, Ben (played by Lior Ashkenazi of Walk on Water fame) is the city architect.  He enjoys an excellent relationship with his twelve-year-old son Eli, who is happy, intelligent and popular.  The pair is depicted doing all the things that a happy father and son should be doing.  However, things start to get tricky for Eli when a friend is bullied and the girl he adores rejects him.  The real bombshell though comes when his father Ben is accused of taking bribes from a property developer.


Suddenly, the tone of this excellent Israeli movie changes, as Eli is forced to deal with the fact that his father could end up in jail.  Furthermore, his perception of his perfect father is shaken to the core. Gradually, Eli and indeed the movie itself deals with the conflict between faith and disillusionment.  It is a lot for a pre-teen to deal with and Eli’s pain will surely touch all those who watch this beautiful Israeli film. 



Director: Ori Ravid
Writer: Ori Ravid
Cast overview: 
  Lior Ashkenazi  ...  Ben  
  Yuval Shevach  ...  Eli (as Yuval Shevah)  
  Yael Hadar  ...  Ronit  
  Nissan Nativ  ...  Grandfather  
  Tzahi Grad  ...  Amos  
  Adam Kenneth  ...  Rotem  
  Mili Eshet  ...  Hilit  
  Eliran Or-Hen  ...  Leibo  
  Shimon Mimran  ...  Carmel  
  Sigalit Fuchs  ...  Teacher  
  Shelly Gilor  ...  Shirly  
  Shmuel Edelman  ...  School Principal  
  Asher Tzarfati  ...  Contractor  
  Siyalit Tamir  ...  Rotem's Mother  
  • Language: Hebrew, English subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2009
  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 90