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  • Fill the Void (Lemale et ha'halal) 2013, Israeli Movie
    Fill the Void (Lemale et ha'halal) 2013, Israeli Movie

Fill the Void (Lemale et ha'halal) 2013, Israeli Movie

Won Venice Film Festival Award

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A film talentedly written, directed and edited delicately for a full year by Rama Burshtein,  'Fill the Void' (Lemale et ha'halal) is the touching story of a Hassidic girl in an ultra-orthodox part of Tel Aviv, who takes up her sister's mantle after she dies in childbirth.
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Won Venice Film Festival 2012
SIGNIS Award - Honorable Mention Rama Burshtein 
Volpi Cup Best Actress Hadas Yaron 
Won Award of the Israeli Film Academ - 
Best Film
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Screenplay 
Best Makeup
Won European Film Awards 2013
Carlo di Palma Award
Won Palm Springs International Film Festival 2013
FIPRESCI Prize Best Foreign Language Film
Rama Burshtein 
Won São Paulo International Film Festival 2012
International Jury Award Best Feature Film - Rama Burshtein 
An enthralling, stirring tale directed with a sure, delicate touch and great intimacy, Fill the Void (Lemale et ha'halal), the quality Israeli movie, follows the story of a young 18 year old Hassidic Jewish girl. When her elder sister passes during labor, Shira has to take on the mantle of motherhood and is also pressured into an arranged marriage with her sister's older widower. This film truly treads that delicate balance of drama and humor, in this case shaped by the interpersonal conflicts happening between its realistic, believable characters. Unique  even in its genre, this touching story is well worth the watch, and will remain an appreciated favorite to re-watch later on. Rama Burshtein has created the movie to beat, with perfect casting and spot on timing, and you are bound to enjoy it thoroughly. A glimpse into the inner world of an orthodox Hassidic community in Tel Aviv, if you are looking to vent your critique or holier than thou judgments of Jewish Orthodoxy, this film may humble you with the humanity of the people behind the long dresses, black robes and covered heads. The portrayal of the rabbi especially is a tender reflection of someone who is indeed spiritual, in the most human sense.
Director: Rama Burshtein
Writer: Rama Burshtein
Hadas Yaron - Shira
Yiftach Klein - Yochay
Irit Sheleg - Rivka
Chayim Sharir - Aharon (as Chaim Sharir)
Razia Israeli - Aunt Hanna (as Razia Israely)
Hila Feldman - Frieda
Renana Raz - Esther
Yael Tal - Shifi
Michael David Weigl - Shtreicher
Ido Samuel - Yossi
Neta Moran - Bilha
Melech Thal - Rabbi
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Genre: Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL (Euro System)
  • Runtime: 90 min