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  • Gashash Hachiver 4 Movies Set DVD-Israeli movie
    Gashash Hachiver 4 Movies Set DVD-Israeli movie

Gashash Hachiver 4 Movies Set DVD-Israeli movie


Limited Edition includingHouse Committee Rivalry (HaKrav al HaVa'ad) Fish, Football and Girls (Ha-Shehuna Shelanu)Halfon Hill (Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona)The Hit (Shlager) Available for PAL(EURO) system ONLY

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House Committee Rivalry (HaKrav al HaVa'ad)

The plot to this comedy is primarily a framework for the jokes and routines of the stars, three popular and well-loved Israeli comics. IsraelGavri Banai are an irreverent trio known for taking on political and social matters, human foibles and current topics in the news. Their stage performances succeed because the trio have developed a creative rapport that fuels their humor. In this film, they play three residents of a condo at odds with each other. Targets for humor range from the Rambo mentality of the day to religious wars.

Fish, Football and Girls (Ha-Shehuna Shelanu) 1968

The story of a soccer team, respectable families, a corrupt night club owner, and a young lad to guide all to a happy ending

Halfon Hill (Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona) 1976
Special Edition

Sergeant Moked wants to marry Yaeli, but her tough father Mr. Hasson refuses until her older sister is married first. Moked also has to recruit to reserves a sleek Rumanian con man, Sergio Konstanza. In addition, Konstanza owes Hasson a lot of money after selling him a piece of land from the Mediterranean Sea. When Moked and Konstanza head to the military base in Sinai, Yaeli joins as a stowaway while Hasson, who wants his money back, goes after them.

The Hit (Shlager) 1979

Comedy, 1979 Dr. Shuki Chaftziva is a ballroom dancing instructor who tries his hand at match-making. He follows the obituaries and takes his client, Zigi Fuchsman, an auto mechanic and childhood friend, to comfort the mourners and check out the widow and her property. At the same time, Ben Gurion Shemesh, a grease monkey who wants to be a singer, tries to win the heart of Dina, the discotech's resident floozy and also, Zigi's daughter. Starring: The Gashash Hachiver, Ofra Haza and others.

  • Language: Hebrew
  • Media: PAL DVD (EUR)
  • Number of CDs: 4 DVD set