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  • Hamesh Shaot Me'Paris (Five Hours from Paris) Israel Movie DVD 2009
    Hamesh Shaot Me'Paris (Five Hours from Paris) Israel Movie DVD 2009

Hamesh Shaot Me'Paris (Five Hours from Paris) Israel Movie DVD 2009

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Israeli drama, 2009. Yigal, a taxi driver, and Lina, a music teacher, find love late in life and turn a Tel Aviv suburb into the Paris of the movies. 88 min. Subtitled in English, Russian, French.

Available in PAL (EUR) format only.

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Five Hours from Paris, winner of the Best Picture Award at the 2009 Haifa Film Festival, tells the story of Yigal (Dror Keren - nominated for Best Actor by the Israeli Film Academy), a taxi driver from Bat Yam - a working class suburb of Tel Aviv. Yigal has a weakness for French chansons.

Lina (Helena Yaralova) is a music teacher who once dreamed of becoming a professional pianist but was forced to give up her ambitions.

Yigal, like Lina, has already given up, but he has one dream left - to fly to Paris. But he's afraid to fly.

Yigal and Lina are both lonely and feel that life has passed them by. They're a little lost until they meet. Yigal is charmed by Lina's beauty and immediately falls in love with her. For Lina, it takes a little longer.

Slowly, the two protagonists become closer and discover that even at middle age it's possible to fall in love like in a French film. When they're together, Bat Yam turns into Paris, life becomes more exciting and more surprising, and more charming.

Then life throws them a curve ball and they have to choose between their newfound love and the old, safe reality.

Screenplay: Erez Kav-El and Leonid Prudovsky

Director: Leonid Prudovsky+Starring: Dror Keren, Helena Yaralova, Dorit Lev Ari

Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: Hebrew, English, Russian, French

  • Language: Hebrew, English,French and Russian subtitles
  • Publisher: NMC United
  • Runtime: 90 min