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  • Hora 79 2014, Israeli Movie
    Hora 79 2014, Israeli Movie

Hora 79 2014, Israeli Movie

This is a finely crafted new film directed by Eli Cohen and starring veterans of Israeli stage and screen Gila Almagor and Natan Detner. It tells the story of a famous folk dance troupe that hides a tragic secret.
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The dance troupe, Hora 79 was the prime face of Israeli dancing. After the traumatic event, the group ceased activity and irs members went separate ways. Was it an accident or a murder? Maybe a suicide?  Now, after 33 years, the Karmiel Festival of Dance wants a reunion as a tribute to israeli folk dance tradition. The event causes much tension, as well as guilt. 
Director: Daniel Schechter
Gila Almagor - Sarah B
Eli Cohen - Yoski
Nathan Dattner - Nahum
Yossi Graber - Dori
Einav Markel - Producer
Tsafi Shimoni - Bracha
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2014
  • Genre: Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL (Euro) System
  • Runtime: 92 min