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  • Hunting Elephants (Latsud Pilim) 2013, Israeli Movie
    Hunting Elephants (Latsud Pilim) 2013, Israeli Movie

Hunting Elephants (Latsud Pilim) 2013, Israeli Movie


The subject of this interesting little film is the relationship that develops between a little boy and 3 old men who find themselves thrown together in a Jerusalem old aged home. The Boy played by Gil Blanc a socially awkward genius

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When they find themselves accidentally locked in a high security retirement home in Jerusalem three old men and a young boy hatch a plan to rob the bank run by the boy's father. The child (Gil Blanc) is socially incompetent genius who is loved by his Grandfather but ignored by parents and classmates. His grandfather (Sasson Gabai), was a fierce Lehi fighter who helped to found the state of Israel and does not believe in tears. The old man's best friend from the underground days (Mooney Moshonov) is full of passions and desires he can no longer realize. Add to this group  David English, Broke, aged Shakespearean actor (Patrick Stewart) , who is frustrated and owes two hundred thirty-two thousand Euros and you have the makings of a really funny, if quirky Israeli movie. There's one thing that unites this unlikely ensemble - they want to rob this bank to avenge themselves on the establishment that pays compensation to the child. Each of them also has a dream of what he will do with his share of the ill-gotten gain. A must if you are looking for a message film that is both engaging and outrageously funny.
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2013
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Media: DVD PAL (Euro) Syatem
  • Runtime: 107 min