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  • Lemon Popsicle V (Roman Za'ir) 1981 DVD-Israeli Movie
    Lemon Popsicle V (Roman Za'ir) 1981 DVD-Israeli Movie

Lemon Popsicle V (Roman Za'ir) 1981 DVD-Israeli Movie


NEW Release to the famous movie series. Nostalgic schoolboy romance, taking place in 1950s Tel Aviv. Hebrew with English subtitlesPAL (EURO) system availble ONLY

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Brought to you by the makers of the disastrous Lemon Popsicle, this is equally dire and unremittingly sexist. 'Never pass up a potential piece' is the philosophy of one of its puerile heroes, and the film indulges his every whim. It's supposed to be an Israeli version of American Graffiti, but all it manages is an obscene level of childishness, and the ruination of 22 classic '50s hits (from The Platters to Brenda Lee).

Directed by Dan Wolman

Writing credits Boaz Davidson

Eli Tavor


Yftach Katzur.... Benzi/Benji

Zachi Noy.... Yudale/Hughie

Jonathan Sagall.... Momo/Bobbie

Dvora Kedar.... Benji's Mother

Menashe Warshavsky.... Benji's Father

Stefanie Petsch.... Gili/Ginny

Sabrina Cheval.... Ruthi

Avi Hadash.... Froyke/Froggy

Dolly Dollar.... Cousin Frieda

Bea Fiedler.... Dental Assistant

Renate Langer.... Lifeguard's Assistant

Misha Natan.... Dolek

Ruth Davidson.... Risha

Rahel Shor.... Dentist Client

Karol Markovich.... Dentist

  • Language: Hebrew
  • Original Release date: 1984
  • Media: PAL DVD (EUR)
  • Runtime: 85 mins