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  • Lipstikka (Odem) 2011 – Israeli Movie
    Lipstikka (Odem) 2011 – Israeli Movie

Lipstikka (Odem) 2011 – Israeli Movie

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Odem is an engaging, if dark, Psychological drama about two women, friends from childhood, reunited in hope of leaving the past behind. The protagonists grew from school girls to womanhood under the shadow of the first intifada.

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In this Dark Israeli movie the coming of age of two friends is documented. 
The action begins with Lara (Clara Khoury), a Palestinian woman who came to London to start a new life opening the door to her childhood friend Inam (Natalie Atiya), newly arrived from Ramallah. Lara has since married Michael and become pregnant. The couple lives in a quiet neighborhood in central London with their seven-year-old son James (Tliasn Knight).
Life, is settled and peaceful for Lara, but that does not stop her from needing the comfort of a vodka, sometimes even during the day, often straight from the bottle.
The knock on her door, disrupts her routine and creates a sense of tension between the two women. Inam slinks around the  house, and begins to probing for Lara's husband Michael.
Lara discovers that her carefully managed life is under threat. It is not an illusion that Inam's invasion threatens to destroy what she has built.
Although close friend since the days growing up in Ramallah, the girls are of different temperament -  Lara is shy (Ziv Weiner as Lara in her youth) and Inam is outgoing (Moran Rosenblatt - plays the young Inam). They shared many experiences, including quite a few sexual experiences.
They spent their formative years as children during the first intifada. In a bout of youthful exuberance, two girls decide to violate the curfew regulations imposed on Ramallah, and attend a movie Jewish Jerusalem. At the cinema, presenting themselves as tourists from Italy they meet two Israeli soldiers (Gal Ofer Hayon heart) who find them interesting...
Director: Jonathan Sagall
Writer: Jonathan Sagall 
  Clara Khoury ... Lara
  Nataly Attiya ... Inam
  Daniel Caltagirone ...Michael
  Moran Rosenblatt ... Young Inam
  Ziv Weiner ... Young Lara
  Gal Lev ... Gadi
  Ofer Hayoun ... Boaz
  Taliesin Knight ... James
  Jullate Kahwage ... Young Inam's Mother
  Amal Reihan-Abu Ramadan ... Young Lara's Mother
  Ibrahim Abu-Zeid ... Young Lara's Father
  Adam Abu-Razek ... Ashraf
  Rachel E. Friedman ... Nun
  Kosta Fasho ... Jamil
  Charlotte McDougall ... James' School Teacher
  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller
  • Media: DVD PAL
  • Runtime: 90 min