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  • Little Simico’s ( Simico Hakatan) 2011  Israeli movie DVD
    Little Simico’s ( Simico Hakatan) 2011  Israeli movie DVD

Little Simico’s ( Simico Hakatan) 2011 Israeli movie DVD

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If you’re looking for an Israeli film which brings together comedy and a touch of drama, then look no further than Little Simico’s Great Fantasy.  Will the anonymous humus restaurant worker Simico realize his lifelong dream to make a movie? 

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Written and directed by Arik Lubetzki, Little Simico’s Great Fantasy is a touching Israeli movie with a great deal of laughter thrown in.  The plot itself is simple enough.  Simico, played by Tzion Baruch, is 30 years old.  He is the nice guy of the neighborhood, working in Jackie’s humus restaurant.  His fiancé, the beautiful Mazi, has big dreams of the perfect wedding.  But Simico has a different fantasy altogether.  Having successfully completed a film course at the local community center, Simico is determined to make a blockbuster movie about strippers. And he plans to use all the local characters from the neighborhood to make it happen. 


Having persuaded Jackie to bankroll his venture, the fun begins.  Simico recruits the neighbors to play a part in the project with some unexpected and at times hilarious results.  There is no doubting Simico’s determination or drive to achieve his goal, but will it all come together?  Will this anonymous neighborhood become the venue for a famous movie?  You can be sure that there are plenty of trials and tribulations along the way.  This is an Israeli film combining plenty of fun and laughter with a touching portrayal of an everyday Israeli neighborhood.

  • Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
  • Original Release date: 2011
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Media: DVD PAL
  • Runtime: 91 min