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  • Live and Become (Tichye Vetihiye) 2005 DVD - Israeli Movie
    Live and Become (Tichye Vetihiye) 2005 DVD - Israeli Movie

Live and Become (Tichye Vetihiye) 2005 DVD - Israeli Movie

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Winner of 6 International Film Awards!!! Salomon is nine years old, living in a desperate refugee camp in Sudan.English & French SubtitlesAvailable in PAL(EURO) format ONLY.

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Winner of 6 International Film Awards !!!

Berlin International Film Festival :

Label Europa Cinemas

Panorama Audience Award

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

Copenhagen International Film Festival: Best Film

Ceasar Awards, France: Best Writing - Original

Vancouver International Film Festival: Most Popular Film

Salomon is nine years old, living in a desperate refugee camp in Sudan. In late 1984, there was a covert Israeli-American operation to save Ethiopian Jews, known as Falashas, by airlifting them to Israel. The Falashas, are a small branch of the Diaspora. But as they lined up for their exodus, Salomon's mother tells him firmly to 'go, live and become', the title of the movie. She saw in the exodus an opportunity for her son to escape the death, disease, famine and civil war that were ravaging Ethiopia. Salomon's mother would stay behind.

The trauma of being told by his mother to leave was already strong stuff. But there is more, Salomon is not even a Falasha. So the arrival in modern Israel is a double shock for him. However, Salomon becomes Schlomo, and we see that he is a quick learner. He learns Hebrew and, when he is adopted by a bi-lingual French-Hebrew family, he learns French, too.

However, Schlomo has a persistent and profound desire to see his mother again. He is wounded. On top of that injury, he has to deal with racism and bigotry in Israel, while hiding the fact that he is not a Falasha. Schlomo carries a lot of emotional baggage, but he has some good people rooting for him. Like Yarom and Yael, the couple who adopt Schlomo, and Sara, the girl who has him firmly in her sights. The story of Schlomo's trials and tribulations is moving on several levels.

This film confronts the question 'who is a Jew'. The answer is not self-evident. Indeed, the question has been the subject of impassioned debate in Israel for years. The Falashas are just one case study.

Directed by Radu Mihaileanu

Writing credits Alain-Michel Blanc

Radu Mihaileanu


Yael Abecassis.... Yael Harrari

Roschdy Zem.... Yoram Harrari

Moshe Agazai.... Schlomo (child)

Moshe Abebe.... Schlomo (teenager)

Sirak M. Sabahat.... Schlomo (adult)

Roni Hadar.... Sarah

Yitzhak Edgar.... Quis Amrah

Rami Danon.... Papy

Meskie Shibru Sivan.... Schlomo's mother

Meskie Shribu Sivan.... Schlomo's mum

Mimi Abonesh Kebede.... Hana

Raymonde Abecassis.... Suzy

  • Original Release date: 2005
  • Media: PAL DVD (EUR)
  • Runtime: 140 min